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When you give someone charity be thankful to them. You may be fixing their Dunya, but they are fixing your Akhirah.

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Become a SNAP Board Member! Make this year the year of helping others and finding community by joining the SNAP Board. We are looking for committed individuals for general and dedicated role board members. NO EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED. Apply today by clicking the button

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  • Upon completion of this membership application, I, will pay an annual fee of $30.00. I understand I must attend a minimum of three-monthly meetings and/or workshops inclusive of the annual meeting. I understand I am encouraged to volunteer for SNAP projects and activities. I, acknowledge my benefits of becoming a member will be Barakah (blessings from Allah), strengthening the sisterhood, empowering women and strengthen families, discounts* to SNAP’s paid trainings, workshops, retreats, and having the opportunity to vote in the annual meeting.