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SNAP homepage A Nonprofit organization that supports our sisters in the community


Welcome to the site of Sisters Need a Place (SNAP), a non-profit organization that supports the community by providing social services to women in need. SNAP was formed by a group of Muslim Women to meet the economic and spiritual needs of women.

Causes & Campaigns



Under this program, women are able to build a network of connections to feel the support needed to strive in the right direction to create self-love and self-sustainability.

Sip n See biweekly sisters circle, meetings that consist of multiple topics related to community concerns. Such as abuse, women of the Quran, drugs and alcohol, foster care, health, and hygiene.

Married Sister Circle – monthly meetings that address topics, issues, and stigmas around single and married women. These discussions are for women who are looking to be married, newlywed, and married vets.

Restorative Circle – This is a weekly session guided by a licensed therapist to address issues of trauma from divorce. This is a safe and open space for sisters to come together and support one another at a time when society has another view.



Without education, you have no power. It is very important that you learn who you are, where you want to be, and how you will get there. Through this program, we will offer a series of classes, forums, retreats, and transitional living. All to feed the mental, physical, and spiritual being.

Self-Defense – a monthly course that teaches the basics of protecting oneself. you are taught 5 basic moves that will prepare you for any situation.



Teaches you about financial literacy. What is financial literacy? It’s the ability to understand and effectively use various financial skills. We have partnered with Sakan to help provide the Family Stabilization Plan. This is a ten-week course that walks you through the ins and outs of financial goal setting, credit building, banking, and more. We have also partnered with Strive Staffing for job placement. Strive is a small organization that works with those that may have blemishes on their resumes and it is a little harder for you to find the proper position. Strive will walk through the steps to find a position for you.


Your membership goes to support our events and sisters in need. In return for becoming a member, you will receive a discounted rate to attend events, access to attend board meetings and provide support to planning and leading events. Please complete the application below to become a member.

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To foster sisterhood with those in need through personal sustainable development.

To provide a place for supporting sisters in vulnerable moments through; sisterhood, education, and economic empowerment.


Calling all volunteers! Complete this application if you want to volunteer with us.


Stay up to date about opportunities to volunteer with us to serve our community! Text 612-366-4187 to join.


When you give someone charity be thankful to them. You may be fixing their Dunya, but they are fixing your Akhirah.


This facility was and is a true blessing. It was a refuge from the storm that had occurred in my life just when I needed.

– – — — Elaine Dillard